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Updated on January 19, 2004

This is me as a Southpark character

This is sort of what I look like. It looks a lot better than the real thing

I've moved again, hopefully to a more permanent home. Or at least until I decide to come up with a more clever domain name. My hosting is done with Netherweb, who's CEO is my future cousin-in-law. Yeah, he's family (or going to be), but he also has REALLY good prices on web hosting. I know, I've looked around. I also know how much money he makes, which is next to nothing. I asked him for a job, but he said the best he could pay me was the change he could find from his job. So although Nethernet (his parent company) NOT non-profit, it certainly isn't making that much dough.

I won't even bother telling you that this main page is under massive construction. I'm not even sure what I should put on here. My email address is along the bottom. You'll have to modify it slightly to make it work. Spammers tend to use scripts to browse the web and steal email addresses this way. It should be obvious what my email address is, but it's difficult for a script to just scoop it up

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